Online mental health courses now available

In these challenging times, we know that protecting our mental health is more important than ever. Vector Equilibrium are now offering both two day and half day MHFA England accredited courses, all delivered in virtual classrooms.

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Our specialities

Vector Equilibrium is a complete wellbeing solution provider specialising in individual and team resilience, stress management, mental health awareness, communication & teamwork, leadership and overall wellbeing training, development, and support.

Our most popular programmes focus on the essential principles needed to create a supportive environment for mental health. Services are available both online and in-person to areas such as West London and throughout the UK.

Our programmes relate to:

Stress & Resilience- Both individuals and organisations in West London and throughout the UK can benefit from learning simple techniques such as resilience training for good mental health .

Mental health- Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) in the workplace is crucial to learn when not only treating mental health problems but also preventing them.

Health, Nutrition & Wellbeing- By looking into the way we treat our bodies, we can gain valuable insights into how this affects our minds.

Communication, teamwork & leadership- We use over 25 years of scientific research to understand team dynamics and we help to develop skills that lead to effective decision making.

Development & Support- We are committed to helping organisations improve mental health in the workplace by giving them the confidence they need to implement strategies for managing stress and mental health independently.



Let's make it personal

We understand that personal and therefore business performance can suffer when the pressures of life and work mount up.

We also recognise that employee wellbeing accelerates productivity which in turn benefits the bottom line – if you and your employees are in good physical and mental health, you will be happier, more engaged, more motivated, more productive, more resilient, less prone to absenteeism or presenteeism (which includes improved individual output) and more likely to stay with the business.



What we do

The services we offer include consultancy, training and coaching and we pride ourselves on the bespoke solutions we provide in addition to complementing these with packaged programmes that address specific needs.

Consultancy- As mental health consultants, we believe that the strategies used for managing stress in the workplace should be adaptable to your specific conditions. At vector equilibrium, we recognise that no two organisations are the same. We also understand that you know your business better than anyone.

For these reasons, we take the time as mental health consultants to understand the issues that both you and your employees experience on a day-to-day basis. From here, we will tailor our strategies to your organisation specific requirements for building resilience and mental health first aid in the workplace.

Training- Vector Equilibrium are experts at training businesses to develop the proper steps needed to handle mental health issues independently. We can supply tried and tested techniques both online and in-person to areas such as West London and throughout the UK.

Coaching- As trainers and consultants, we aim to share knowledge, teach skills and encourage others to do the same. As coaches, we aim to listen to mental health concerns, question them and empower organisations and individuals to face issues head on.


What we offer

We understand that every organisation is different, each with diverse needs. That is why we recommend a solution which best fits the organisations we work with and importantly, the needs of their people as well as the business.


To fully appreciate the organisational and people needs of organisations we recommend you use our pre-and post-assessment tool however this is not essential. The empirically validated conceptual framework that Vector Equilibrium provides, gathers information on key psychological and workplace elements that contribute to the overall quality and effectiveness of the organisation. An added benefit of the tool is that it allows organisations to evaluate the success of longer-term programmes and aids calculation of the Return of Investment our programmes deliver.

Mental Health Consultants For Organisations In West London & Throughout UK

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Our clients and partners

I attended the half day Mental Health Awareness workshop c/o NDTG on 24.07.2018 c/o Dave Price at Vector Equilibrium. Dave’s training style is upbeat with quality content & relevant / interesting facts & figures. The ‘practical’s’ were not only entertaining but really drove home the message. One of the only courses that I have attended that I didn’t want to end! Highly recommend.

Lorraine Shepherd, Group Training Coordinator DE Group.

Thank you so very much for presenting at our SHE Impact day - your program was very well received- great to have a full house for your last session of the day

Sandra Winters, Occupational Health and Workforce Wellbeing Manager, Costain Skanska HS2 EW South Delivery JV

Vector Equilibrium’ Think Clearly programme has been instrumental in helping O’Donovan Waste Disposal develop and implement a health & welling strategy from initial discussion to implementation and delivery.
The programme encompasses multiple techniques which helps our team to stay calm and composed during stressful situations – we will certainly be using these going forward. We got a lot from working with Dave and Vector Equilibrium and would absolutely recommend that other companies do the same.

Jacqueline O’Donovan, Managing Director, O’Donovan Waste Disposal Limited

Dave worked with our teams at NFDC and NDTG to deliver a mental health and wellbeing workshop. Most, if not all, of our attendees had never participated in a training session like this before, yet they were instantly made to feel comfortable by Dave, who quickly built a rapport with the group.
Dave’s knowledge, approach and natural training style created a safe environment for the participants to learn and be open to new ideas. He succeeded in facilitating a highly interactive session which everybody enjoyed - and where the whole group were able to take practical learning for immediate application in their daily lives. The feedback was excellent. We would not hesitate in recommending Dave to anybody looking to help their employees become more resilient, manage stress and improve their wellbeing.
Thank you Dave!

Lesley Ransome, Group Manager, NFDC & NDTG

Having attended a course myself, I was confident that the vast majority of our Department would benefit from attending a Vector Equilibrium session with Dave, who subsequently tailored the content to best meet our needs.
Having reviewed all feedback forms, I was thrilled to see that the response to the ‘‘Think Clear: Intelligent Energy Management’ course, was overwhelmingly positive. The live demonstration (with a willing participant’s heart rate on the screen), showing how quickly the coherent breathing technique lowers your elevated heart rate down, is powerful and irrefutable. Insight into our electromagnetic fields, energy levels and the impact on those around us, as well as some simple principles to promote more effective meetings, were a few of the main learnings from our Group and I am hopeful these sessions will have a lasting positive impact on our working relationships and environment. I would highly recommend attending a VE course if you have the opportunity.

Craig Gardener, Commercial Manager

I found the course very interesting and informative, especially the facts relating to stress and how this physically affects our system. The tutor was enthusiastic, had great energy and was engaging. I feel that I now have a much better understanding of resilience and have developed skills that will help me deal with situations I am faced with.

James Dawson, Keltbray Training, Group Training Manager

Coherence, Resilience, Stress and Wellbeing! I thought I had been put forward to attend a training session for a quiz team.
However, that is the skill of Dave Price the tutor and the delivery model of VE in that they take alot of large themes and the scientific data that sits behind and put it into everyday language and tools that you can use to improve yourself and your ability to self regulate in high intensity situations.
Great course and the beginning of a journey now the pilot light has been explained and lit!

Aaron Davis, Keltbray Training, Group Learning & Development Manager

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