What we do

Our purpose

The purpose of Vector Equilibrium is to provide organisations, teams and individuals with the skills to take charge of life’s challenges and perform at the optimal efficiency – we offer consultancy, training and coaching to do just that.

The programmes, workshops and coaching are designed to enhance the effectiveness of individuals & teams and in doing so increase the productivity, efficiency and bottom line of the organisations we work with.


Individual & Team Resilience and Stress Management

We identify business and people resilience as the ‘capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenges and adversity’.

Being resilient is not a trait but a learnable skill. Imagine training for a marathon or other physical challenge, time is spent honing muscles, endurance and skills ensuring they are ready to perform at their optimal level. Resilience is also a learned skill and we provide the tools and techniques to bring individuals physical, mental and emotional systems into balance.

These strategies transform the negative emotional and physiological effects individuals experience at the time of the event therefore inhibiting the release of the hormone cortisol and helping them ‘re-set and re-focus’.

All our resilience programmes utilise technology which demonstrates, in real-time, how heart rate variability shifts from random to coherent when a person changes from being stressed to using one of our techniques.  The sensor allows everyone to practice developing their resilience capacity and highlights how quickly they can shift from an incoherent state to a more coherent state and then how long they can maintain it.

Communication & Leadership

Communication is key to the success and efficiency of organisations

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill however research shows that an estimated 70% of workplace mistakes can be traced back to problems in communication.

Words are only a small part of effective communication, there is a lot of information about our true thoughts and attitudes that is communicated through body language and tone of voice.

Working with individuals and teams we help develop the skills so everyone in an organisation can communicate effectively from C-Suite to junior staff. The techniques we develop vary from active listening, questioning, developing rapport and trust through to coherent communication.

Developing communication skills creates many benefits, such as:

  • Shortens meeting times
  • Creates more harmonious teams
  • Aligns team members
  • Reduces stress, drama and energy drains
  • Fosters mutual respect and team work

Identify and analyse organisation and people needs.

We recommend running a pre-and post-assessment to identify the needs of both the organisation and their people. However, this is not essential to the programmes we offer.

Our preferred self-reporting tool is designed to reflect key psychological and workplace elements that contribute to the overall quality of an organisation’s work. The tool provides a comprehensive assessment in four main areas – Emotional Vitality and Organisational, Emotional & Physical Stress.

It is recommended the assessment is carried out both pre-and post-longer-term programmes, thus enabling the success of the intervention to be analysed and the return of investment calculated. Additionally, many organisations use and publish the outcomes to highlight their commitment to their people and the work they are undertaking in relation to wellbeing, communication and leadership.

That being said, it is not essential to run a post-assessment, some organisations opt to use the tool to gage the ‘state of the organisation’ before deciding on the content of the programme. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs before suggesting the best approach.


Developing a business case, strategy or development programme?

We realise this can be dauting however the case for investment and the tangible benefits of implementing programmes are staggering – positive impact on performance, engagement, recruitment and productivity, to name but a few.

We have the skills to work with organisations in helping develop business cases, strategies and tailored programmes, ensuring throughout the journey there is an opportunity to reflect and refresh where needed.

We work with organisations on an ad-hoc basis, providing, but not limited to, consultancy and documents relating to Health & Wellbeing, improving Mental Health, Stress management, Communication and Leadership:

  • Internal and External Communications
  • Award applications
  • Tender and capability documents
  • Internal policies, procedures and strategies
Popular Programmes
  • Duration: 1.5/2-hours
  • You will learn strategies to increase your resilience to life’s challenges, time is spent looking at what stress means to you and how our bodies react when we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious.


Think Clear - Recharge, Reset
  • Duration: 3-hours
  • The programme focuses on stress, resilience and personal energy management skills. You are provided with tools and techniques to regulate the associated mental, physical & emotional symptoms associated with stress, increasing your experiences of positive thoughts and behaviours. This programme enhances your ability to maintain composure during challenges, reduce fatigue, improve your ability to think clearly, find better solutions and achieve higher outcomes.


Think Clear – Resilience Advantage
  • Duration: Full day
  • In this interactive training you will learn simple and effective techniques to ‘bio-hack’ your stress reactions allowing you to think clearly under pressure; take charge of life’s challenges and recharge your energy throughout the day. Time is spent focusing on relationships and how we affect each other not just through our verbal or written interactions but physiologically, emotionally and energetically. Strategies are provided to improve team communication with the aim of shortening meeting times, creating aligned and more harmonious team interactions and improved relationships.


Interpersonal Energetics, Communication & Team dynamics
  • Duration: Half or Full day
  • Based on over 25-years of scientific research, this interactive training is designed for cohorts that regularly interact with each other. The programme looks at how we affect one another, not just from verbal or written exchanges but physiologically, emotionally and energetically. Time is spent focusing on the impact of sending mixed messages and the consequences of miscommunication and drama in interactions.You will experience what ‘good’ communication feels like and how unclear communication regularly results in costly errors and mistakes. As all teams operate differently time is spent identifying communications that have/will create drama, waste time and impact the work or team environment.Techniques are practiced that will improve communication and team harmony, these techniques blend well with other communication skills may have already learned.


Effective Decision making
  • Duration: Full day
  • This programme blends a number of other topics giving you the skills to take control of yourself and make effective decisions either in the moment or over the course of a project. Given the increased complexity and speed of today’s life, it is useful to develop these skills.  You are introduced to a practical understanding of intuition and how this can enhance your daily life and the decisions you make. Perspectives are providing on how intuition enhances decision-making, relationships and perceptions. You will learn techniques that facilitates problem-solving or planning from the mundane to complex business decision.


  • You will learn the skills to deliver shortened versions of Vector Equilibrium’ programmes. Train-the-trainer programmes teach instructors, trainers or less experienced mentors the best way to deliver our training material.The yearly license encompasses ongoing support and relevant updates, plus additional CPD days can be available throughout the year.

All of our popular programmes are accredited by the Continuous Personal Development (CPD) certification service. Individuals attending one of these programmes will receive CPD Certificate of Attendance.

Additionally, where needed, Vector Equilibrium will ensure bespoke programmes, courses and workshops are accredited.